What Types Of Fitness Classes Are There? 

Classes are a great way of increasing your fitness. Not only do you benefit from strategically created programs and expert instruction, but it’s also hugely motivational, thanks to the infectious group vibe.

There are many different types of group fitness classes to choose from.

Fitness Classes: A breakdown of the different types 

  •     Understanding the basic concepts
  •     Navigating the different group fitness classes

Understanding the basic concepts 

At what point did getting fit become so complicated? The range of group fitness classes on offer today is truly mind-boggling. Ashanti Yoga, Insanity, Grit, CrossFit, Spin… The list is endless (not to mention incredibly confusing).

The key is to put the hype to one side, and we can do this by determining the three basic types of exercise.

These are: 

  • Strength training: This is when you use your additional weights or your body weight to train and tone your muscles. This might target specific muscles (quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, etc.) or multiple muscle groups at the same time.
  • Cardiovascular training: Often referred to as aerobic training, this is where you carry out movements that raise your heart rate.  In other words, you get hot, sweaty, and out of breath.
  • Core training: Your core muscles are those located deep within your trunk. They support the body to effectively carry out all aspects of movement. While most people think of the core muscle as being the abdominals (abs), there are plenty of others. They extend from the base of your head down to your pelvis.

The most effective workouts utilize combinations of movements that address one or more of these three elements.

There is also a further type of training, known as high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. This is where you carry out short bursts of maximum effort followed by short recovery periods. These might be cardiovascular, strength, core training, or a combination of the three.

Navigating the different group fitness classes

No matter what name a group fitness class might go by, it’ll fall into one (or a combination of) the above-mentioned categories.

  • Strength training fitness classes go by names such as Pump (or Body Pump), Body Sculpt, Body Strength, Kettlercise, X-Lift, and more.
  • Cardio classes might be referred to Aerobics, Body Blitz, Zumba, Step, Spin (on a specially designed exercise bike), and more.
  • Classes that work your core muscles might be named Core Conditioning, Ab Blast, Yoga, Body Balance, Pilates, etc.

HIIT classes usually encompass two or three types of the different training types. When it involves a strong element of strength training, HIIT can be one of the fastest ways to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness Classes Near Me: Finding a local solution

  •     Get down and dirty—hot and sweaty
  •     Not all gyms are made equal

Get down and dirty—hot and sweaty

The ultimate pathway to increasing your fitness is to mix up the different forms of training. A common mistake, especially with women, is to assume that too much strength or weight training will cause you to grow unwanted amounts of muscle. 

Rest assured that this is not the case. Women don’t possess the necessary amounts of male hormones (such as testosterone) for this to happen. But what strength training will do is hone your lean muscle mass. This leads to a toned appearance and—happy, happy—will mean you burn more calories, even when you’re sleeping!

Not all gyms are made equal

Gyms and training locations, in similarity with every type of service, vary in quality. When searching for the best fitness classes near me, you should aim to partner with experts who offer the latest scientific methods to bring classes that are fun and goal-inspired.

Ask questions, check out online reviews, request a free trial period, and go with your gut instinct when choosing a gym. You’re investing in your fitness for today and the future, so it’s a decision that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

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