What Is Circuit Training Good For

Bored with your current workout? Perhaps it’s time to ask your smart assistant to search “circuit training near me” for options. Circuit training is a flexible program that offers more variety in your workouts. You can do countless combinations of different types of exercises without using any equipment.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a type of workout for body conditioning. It consists of a combination of different exercises performed in a given amount of time with little or no rest in between. The exercises consist of resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and endurance training.

When done in a gym, you move through 6 to 12 exercise stations, working on a different muscle group in each one. Some exercises do require gym equipment while others use only your own body weight for resistance. Your trainer might ask you to do 10 to 25 reps of each exercise for up to 3 minutes in each station then take little or no rest between the stations. The sequence can be switched or stations swapped so workouts will never be the same each time. 

What is Circuit Training Good For?

Circuit training is a high volume but low impact workout that can be adapted to suit beginners and serious athletes alike. It became popular over the years because of the benefits it brings to one’s holistic health. 

Cardio workout

Circuit training provides good cardio workouts that improve cardiopulmonary health. The high intensity exercises especially get the heart rate up and significantly improve blood circulation. This helps reduce the risks of heart disease and other ailments. It also strengthens your lung muscles, improving lung function and helping control asthma.

Muscle toning and building

One of the most sought-after effects of circuit training is a lean and toned physique. Circuit training works on almost all the muscle groups in the whole body. Resistance and weight exercises strengthen core muscles, fire the glutes, define biceps and triceps, and sculp the legs and thighs.

Strength building

Circuit training can also include plyometric exercises that combine speed and strength training. This pushes the muscles to exert maximum effort in short time intervals. This does not only help build muscle mass, but also develop good form and gain muscle control. As you increase the intensity level of your workout, you get fitter and stronger.

Weight loss

The cardiovascular exercises in circuits constantly keeps your heart rate up through the workout. This increases your metabolism and effectively helps you burn fat. Even after your workout, the rate of your metabolism remains high, burning more calories throughout the day. 

Emotional and mental health

Aside from the physical gains, circuit training also has positive effects on your emotional and mental health. Like other exercises, it helps reduce stress and anxiety and lifts up your mood. It also boosts the production of endorphins that make you happier and more mentally alert. When done in the gym, it also facilitates social interaction that further improves your overall well-being.

What to Look for in Circuit Training Near Me?

Now that you know how circuit training can benefit you, it’s time to look for circuit training classes you can join. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing a class:

Multiple stations

If you’re looking for intense training, a comprehensive circuit can have up to 12 or more exercises. In gyms, these are done in different areas where specific equipment are used to work on particular muscle groups.

Flexible workout programs

Look for a gym that offers flexible programs so you can work out at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Check out their class offers and see if there are varying class durations that enable you to work out for as short as 25 to 30 minutes to as long as several hours depending on how much available time you have.

Open gym

Ask if you can use the gym facilities on your own outside of the formal classes you signed up for. This allows you to do more exercises at your own leisure without having to pay more. 

No sneaky contracts

Some gym memberships compel you to sign contracts with sneaky clauses. If you don’t read the fine print carefully, you end up paying more for services you don’t even avail of. Worse, you get stuck paying annual fees just to avoid hefty termination charges.

Find Your Tribe for Circuit Training Classes

Circuit training is a good way to enjoy an intense whole-body workout. It helps maintain cardiovascular fitness, improve muscle tone, and define muscles. For more exciting and enjoyable circuit training, find a group you can be comfortable working out with. If you live in Florida, join the Tribe in Boca Raton and get your gear ready for some strength training and high intensity conditioning.